Dark Bilious Vapors

But how could I deny that I possess these hands and this body, and withal escape being classed with persons in a state of insanity, whose brains are so disordered and clouded by dark bilious vapors....
--Rene Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy: Meditation I

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03/10/2005: Duhhh...Just Say NO!
03/09/2005: "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." --Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
03/09/2005: Wish I could make it, myself.....
03/09/2005: Such a wonderfully ironic twist....
03/09/2005: Extremely Too Close for Comfort
03/09/2005: Why Sonny Bono was a turd...
03/09/2005: Thought for the Day:
03/09/2005: Saving Spector
03/09/2005: Dickey's "Arabian Springtime"
03/08/2005: Trivia Answers
03/08/2005: My favorite recovering lawyer is at it again....
03/08/2005: Get Over It!
03/08/2005: How long can we stay in Iraq?
03/08/2005: A couple interesting items....
03/08/2005: Gem o'the Day:
03/08/2005: Thought for the Day:
03/08/2005: I'm Not the Only One Worried About Those Thought Police...
03/08/2005: Selachophobia Jokes
03/07/2005: Thought for the Day
03/07/2005: Weekly Trivia
03/07/2005: Words fail me
03/07/2005: From the "I wish I'd thought of that..." department...
03/07/2005: Volunteer Tailgate Party
03/07/2005: Bamboozlepalooza tour stops in Memphis
03/07/2005: Memphis Blog Panel
03/07/2005: Where quite a bit of my money goes....
03/07/2005: Thought for the Day:
03/07/2005: Freedom's Plate
03/07/2005: Delayed Reactions
03/07/2005: Sanctuaries?
03/06/2005: Zuni Fetish Baskets
03/06/2005: City on a hill
03/06/2005: Blogs you should be reading
03/04/2005: Things may be a bit quiet round here this weekend.
03/04/2005: Why I wish I was a Canadian, Part 2.....
03/04/2005: Just what I've been saying for years....
03/04/2005: Ok. I'll cop a plea....
03/04/2005: Thought for the Day:
03/03/2005: Memphis News - the Week in Review
03/03/2005: Spring training news: The road to Opening Day...
03/03/2005: I'm not looking forward to this...
03/03/2005: Religious literature of note...
03/03/2005: Gem o'the Day:
03/03/2005: And yet more stupid Quizilla things....
03/03/2005: And more stupid Quizilla type things....
03/03/2005: Stupid Meme Tricks....
03/03/2005: Thought for the Day:
03/02/2005: Obituaries of note....
03/02/2005: I hope Billmon's the seventh son of a seventh son....
03/02/2005: Brock having pointed the way....
03/02/2005: Sunshine & Alligators
03/02/2005: Racist Vixen Vipers
03/02/2005: For me, sad news...
03/02/2005: Why I don't have a webcam, part XVI
03/02/2005: From the 'He's getting paid to do this?' department:
03/02/2005: Thought for the Day:
03/01/2005: Imaginary Friends
03/01/2005: Nutjob on the Nebula Jury
03/01/2005: We strive to be accurate [updated, and reposted to bring it to the top]
03/01/2005: Picking and choosing....
03/01/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/28/2005: Sunday Trivia Answer
02/28/2005: VolokhWatch
02/28/2005: FlashBlock extension for Firefox
02/28/2005: I'll see your Prof. Ward Churchill and raise you a Rep. Sam Johnson
02/28/2005: Is Princess in First or Third?
02/28/2005: Ok Abby....
02/28/2005: Gem o'the Day:
02/28/2005: Ahead of the curve?
02/28/2005: Karen's Trivia Q Answer
02/28/2005: Probably sexist, but too funny not to post.
02/28/2005: Master of Horror
02/28/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/28/2005: Sunshiny Dreams of Golf...
02/28/2005: The Ways and Means of February
02/28/2005: Nuptial Engagements
02/27/2005: Sunday Trivia
02/27/2005: Karen's Trivia Question of the Week
02/27/2005: Why I wish I was a Canadian.....
02/27/2005: Out of the Mommy Trap and On to Utopia
02/27/2005: Blog Meme o'the Day....
02/27/2005: Grave Secrets
02/27/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/27/2005: The Cat Herders
02/27/2005: Hopeful Cracks Appear
02/27/2005: Butterflies Aren't Free
02/26/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/26/2005: Are You Bullshitting Me??
02/26/2005: A Babbling Brook of Profundity
02/26/2005: It Ain't Funny & It Ain't True
02/26/2005: Battle Politico Volley & Serve
02/25/2005: Universal Success
02/25/2005: Eyeing that six-pack for this weekend? Think again, guys.
02/25/2005: Where I'm not going to find...
02/25/2005: Memphis News: The Week In Review
02/25/2005: Vixen of Vipertude
02/25/2005: One of my guilty blogospheric pleasures...
02/25/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/25/2005: Political Shopping Salvos
02/25/2005: Sorcerers
02/25/2005: We Are Asking and We Are Telling Update
02/25/2005: Kennel Club Doggie News
02/24/2005: If you're looking for a new and different twist in your resume...
02/24/2005: Gem o'the Day...
02/24/2005: Journalistic Illusions
02/24/2005: My favorite recovering woman lawyer....
02/24/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/24/2005: Swift Boat Weenies For Bush
02/24/2005: H2O for People
02/24/2005: Journalistic Malpractice
02/23/2005: Animals Gone Wild
02/23/2005: How to read a wingnut
02/23/2005: Apparently, it was a tiger...
02/23/2005: Hmmmmmm.....
02/23/2005: Old Mac Milt
02/23/2005: Skyway
02/23/2005: Music Trivia Answer
02/23/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/23/2005: Puppy Dog's Tails?
02/22/2005: Trivia Answers
02/22/2005: Going out in style:
02/22/2005: Ok, I'm an addict. So deal with it..... (or, I need to get out one trivia question...)
02/22/2005: If you can't fight City Hall, at least you can fight Intuit....
02/22/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/22/2005: David Gergen on the Blog-o-sphere
02/22/2005: The Destroying Angel
02/22/2005: More Jon Rowe...
02/22/2005: Miracle Dog
02/22/2005: Space-li-ness is next to...
02/22/2005: Speaking of Fossils....
02/21/2005: Those Wormy, Diseased, Apple Guys are "at it" Again...
02/21/2005: Trivia Questions
02/21/2005: The American Street
02/21/2005: Karen's Trivia Q Answer
02/21/2005: Congratulations are in order....
02/21/2005: Hot Blogosphere Fads Department....
02/21/2005: Why I've spent the last week in a state of low-grade paranoia....
02/21/2005: Surprising news
02/21/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/21/2005: Karen's Trivia Q of The Week
02/21/2005: Journalistic Priviledges
02/21/2005: Love Your Race?
02/21/2005: CNN's Blitzer gets BuzzFlash Cut
02/20/2005: One solution to an interesting film review problem....
02/20/2005: And we squeak out again....
02/20/2005: Great days in statutory interpretation:
02/20/2005: Important days in art history:
02/20/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/20/2005: More GEMS
02/20/2005: Everyday Magic versus Personal Retreats
02/20/2005: RBI's of the FF&B's
02/20/2005: More Vintage Dowd:
02/20/2005: Bush Rhetoric Always Falling Like So Much Confetti
02/19/2005: Getting in touch with your inner "Mr. Wizard"....
02/19/2005: As if the state falling into the sea isn't bad enough...
02/19/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/19/2005: Skype
02/19/2005: Wicked Poisoning
02/19/2005: More from the Hmmmmmm Department
02/19/2005: Going Postal: Flash News Update
02/19/2005: First Amendment Update (faf where are you??)
02/19/2005: Blog Politics
02/18/2005: Going Postal
02/18/2005: Wallace & Gromit
02/18/2005: Fit to be a souvenir of your visit to Graceland, but not for much else?
02/18/2005: Cardinals Pitchers And Catchers Report Today
02/18/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/18/2005: The Screaming Monkey v Techno-Doggies (Part 1)
02/18/2005: The Screaming Monkey v Techno-Doggies (Part 2)
02/18/2005: Gramm-Rudman v The Bush Budget
02/18/2005: The Denny v The Molly
02/17/2005: Memphis News - The Week in Review
02/17/2005: I'll lose 9%.... How much will you lose....
02/17/2005: 21 days and counting....
02/17/2005: From the "Things that make you go 'hmmmmmmmmm'" department:
02/17/2005: Because one good turn deserves another....
02/17/2005: This has to be....
02/17/2005: Pet Heaven or Pet Cloning
02/17/2005: Gem o'the Day:
02/17/2005: Now, indulge your superstitions and get academic credit for it....
02/17/2005: On the Rocky Top Brigade front
02/17/2005: One step closer....
02/17/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/17/2005: We ARE Asking and we ARE Telling...
02/17/2005: Oh...you're like sooo Falun Gong....
02/17/2005: American Jobs Blog
02/17/2005: The Power of the Almighty Dollar…
02/17/2005: I thought I'd Beg To Differ...but I Do Concur...
02/16/2005: Separating Fact from Fluff
02/16/2005: GOLF Dreams
02/16/2005: Well, at least a real dog won....
02/16/2005: Inane! Rambling! Rarely Updated! The BLOG!!!!
02/16/2005: Hounds and Creature-Features
02/16/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/16/2005: Magicians, Wizards, Thinkers and Such...
02/16/2005: Ode to My Magician
02/16/2005: Liars, Lying Liars and the Lying Liars Who Keep Telling Lies:
02/16/2005: More Plame-Out A Happening
02/16/2005: Tales Out Of School
02/15/2005: If only I'd been ingenious enough back then....
02/15/2005: The Thought Police Are Regrouping As We Speak
02/15/2005: The sweetest words I've ever read since October's bitter disappointment....
02/15/2005: About that Fish "Fry"
02/15/2005: More fafbloggerie
02/15/2005: Involved in a power struggle at the office?
02/15/2005: A web host, an HTML editor, and waaaaaayyyyy too much time on one's hands...
02/15/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/15/2005: ManChild
02/15/2005: Oh...The Party Of The Five-Year-Olds' Continues:
02/15/2005: Tripping on Trivia Answer
02/14/2005: Trivia answers....
02/14/2005: Tonight is one of the more important nights in my sports year...
02/14/2005: Valentine's Dinner with Charlie's Angels
02/14/2005: More Valentine's curmudgeonry
02/14/2005: The war on cold medicine continues
02/14/2005: Liberals are from Mars....
02/14/2005: Tripping On Trivia
02/14/2005: Congratulations are in order:
02/14/2005: Obscure Baseball Player Memorial Department
02/14/2005: More Faux Holiday Updates
02/14/2005: Faux Holiday Update
02/14/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/14/2005: Timberrrrrrr..Bush Plans to Axe the 2006 Budget And Social Security
02/14/2005: Iraqi War Plan...US Budget
02/13/2005: "Pre-Implosion" archives are back online....
02/13/2005: Karen's Triva Q Answer to this weeks' question:
02/13/2005: MadKane wants to change careers, again.....
02/13/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/13/2005: Life's Hitch-Hikers
02/13/2005: Karen's Trivia Q of the Week
02/13/2005: More Meatheads
02/13/2005: Would They Someday Throw Away the Key?
02/13/2005: Maya Keyes
02/13/2005: Two Foxes in The Oil Hen House
02/12/2005: More things I didn't want to visualize....
02/12/2005: From Bob Park....
02/12/2005: A Linux PC, a microcontroller, and some Python hacking....
02/12/2005: Mark Morford asks the burning tech question of the day...
02/12/2005: YO...Calling Maynard G. Krebs
02/12/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/12/2005: More Social Security:
02/12/2005: Infinity vs Vanity and The God Gene
02/12/2005: More Gonzales Plame Out
02/12/2005: Finally...To Be Royally Wedded and Bedded
02/12/2005: From the Files: Better Late Than Never
02/11/2005: Brita filtering vodka
02/11/2005: People who use glass restrooms
02/11/2005: It's a Haamsta, Mr. Fawlty...
02/11/2005: Gem o'the Day:
02/11/2005: More on The Juice.....
02/11/2005: Yet Another Entrepreneur Stifled By Onerous Legislation....
02/11/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/11/2005: More from Dennis Haster Corner:
02/11/2005: Hegelian View of History
02/11/2005: Here's to all you Scrivener's out there...
02/10/2005: A change here you may notice.
02/10/2005: Memphis News: The Week In Review
02/10/2005: Memphis Barbie: not just one....
02/10/2005: If only it worked this way....
02/10/2005: Welcome back!
02/10/2005: If you've ever felt the urge to rate your knowledge of baseball trades...
02/10/2005: The mail-in rebate scam
02/10/2005: Remembering the Spirograph....
02/10/2005: Hot Stove League: The Jose Got Juiced And Is Naming Names Edition....
02/10/2005: The Tale Of Genji
02/10/2005: Let no Good Deed Go Unpunished
02/10/2005: A few Things About Mr. Language Wordsmith…
02/10/2005: How stupid do they think I am?
02/10/2005: Finally making an honest woman out of her....
02/10/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/10/2005: Who'd a THUNK it was possible...
02/09/2005: Finally catching up with the news....
02/09/2005: What kind of drugs do you have to be taking...
02/09/2005: Romancing The Stone
02/09/2005: I've wanted to mention this for a while now....
02/09/2005: Hmmmmmm.....
02/09/2005: We really need to contemplate the concept of "efficiency", here....
02/09/2005: Bubble Nesters
02/09/2005: Salad Days and Cubbies Baseball Games
02/09/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/09/2005: Literal Minded
02/09/2005: PIE Blogging
02/08/2005: "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." --Hunter S. Thompson
02/08/2005: Thank you....
02/08/2005: Archbishop Raymond Burke: Thief and Asshole....
02/08/2005: Much Too Easily Amused....
02/08/2005: Clime and Punishment
02/08/2005: It's a fair cop, it seems to me....
02/08/2005: Just to show you that Americans aren't the only stupid people on Earth...
02/08/2005: Soc. Sec. Fallen Rhetoric
02/08/2005: How can we miss you...
02/08/2005: Slow Boat to China:
02/08/2005: Your friends may never ask to use your bathroom again....
02/08/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/08/2005: Andy Warhol...I'm ready for my close up.
02/08/2005: Karen's Triva Q Answers:
02/07/2005: Trivia answers....
02/07/2005: Brave New World is that much closer....
02/07/2005: Inna Gadda Da Vida, Honey
02/07/2005: Sea World and Selachophobia
02/07/2005: Gore's legacy
02/07/2005: Divisiveness and Polemicists
02/07/2005: Apropos of nothing in particular....
02/07/2005: Calendar Days of Wine and Roses...or Something Else...
02/07/2005: For Neither Love Nor Money...
02/07/2005: More Creationism I.D. Nonsense
02/07/2005: The RIAA Gestapo strike again.....
02/07/2005: Because every blog yearns for one o'those Quizilla type things....
02/07/2005: 5% of A Lot is still quite a bit of money.....
02/07/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/07/2005: Surnames and Nicknames:
02/07/2005: Pre-School Criminals?
02/07/2005: Misery Loved My Company
02/06/2005: Trivia...
02/06/2005: Karen's Trivia Q
02/06/2005: Tweedle Bugs
02/06/2005: Idiot's Guide to What?
02/06/2005: From the Karen Files: Books I've Written...But Never Published
02/06/2005: Book of the Week
02/06/2005: My Blog Ate My Homework
02/06/2005: As if blog comment spam weren't bad enough....
02/06/2005: Memphis Blogger's Bash, v. 4.0
02/06/2005: Thought for the Day:
02/06/2005: Hey, what happened!!!

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