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02/17/2005: Memphis News - The Week in Review

This week's news from the Bluff City. Commercial Appeal articles require registration or BugMeNot.

Feb 11 - Two Memphis men were arrested on charges of counterfeiting, allegedly having printed $68,000 in counterfeit currency on a desktop printer.

Feb. 12 - According to an investigation by a Nashville TN news station, State Senator John Ford spent over $13,000 of campaign funds on his daughter's wedding, and paid thousands more from his campaign funds to the mothers of his children.

Also, the state will be investigating whether Sen. Ford received $237,000 in payments from consulting arrangements with a TennCare contractor, in violation of TennCare rules.

Somebody tell me why we keep electing this guy.

Feb. 13 - Retired Circuit Court Judge James E. Swearengen, the first black graduate of Memphis State University law school, died at the age of 72. Judge Swearengen presided in 1999 over the Martin Luther King Jr. conspiracy case, in which King's family filed a lawsuit against a Memphis cafe owner and against the government alleging a conspiracy involving King's assassination.

Feb. 14 - Reappraisal notices are coming soon.

Two bills in the state legislature are challenging the residency requirement for City of Memphis workers, passed in last November's election.

Feb. 15 - A group of about fifty protestors gathered to protest possible privatization of the Shelby County Jail.

Feb 16 - Reported cases of influenza in Shelby County have doubled in the last two weeks. In other health news, whooping cough is on the rise in Shelby County, and Memphis has been rated number two on the list of worst cities for asthmatics. Number one is Knoxville.

A statue stolen from a yard in Frayser turned up when the owner saw an article recapping the visit of the "Antiques Roadshow" crew to Memphis Cook Convention Center back in July.

Feb. 17 - Shelby County's yahoo school board member Wyatt Bunker wants to put anti-evolution warning stickers on county school science textbooks. Sigh.

A state appeals court in Jackson heard an appeal in the Anna Mae He custody case. In a controversial decision last spring, Circuit Court Judge Robert 'Butch' Childers terminated custody rights of the child's Chinese birth parents, Jack and Casey He, and granted custody to foster parents Jerry and Louise Baker.

Brock on 02.17.05 @ 08:42 PM CST

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