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02/13/2005: Maya Keyes

I *was* tempted to crack a taste-less, meanie joke about Maya Keyes now no longer being the "black sheep selfish hedonist" in the Keyes family...but really it's too sad and somewhat tragic. (WHO could forget that Alan Keyes was our Republican Senatorial Candidate replacement after the infamous implosion campaign of Jack Ryan here in Dennis Hastert Corner...until he was "laughed out of town" on election day. Oh, the fun never sleeps in the Windy Outback.)

There was an op-ed recently in the paper (though I recycled it already and can't recall exactly who it's author was) but the topic...though related to parental educational opportunities...fits here also. It was about a woman facetiously claiming (she's a minority too) she'd done an excellent job assessing, reviewing and selecting the perfect couple to be born to...lucky her and her good choices. The point being that so much is expected without measuring the disadvantages of the "circumstances" of being born to poor, uneducated, lacking the means themselves parents...as if this were a "choice"for a pre-fetus to make as their successful "positioning" strategy to get up in the world.

Likewise, Maya did not get to "choose" her narrow minded, Bible-toting (and quoting) Heartless, River-of-Rectitude Father, Alan Keyes... Cause we sure KNOW she'd have done a better job than to PICK him. (LOL)

For those of you wondering what this is all about: Jon Rowe (a very smart Libertarian lawyer and blogger) posted a piece on his site about "Alan Keyes's daughter About to Become Homeless?" Jon wrote, in part:

"But Alan Keyes is a public figure and his daughter has a public website. Maya, openly and unapologetically Lesbian, was working for Dad, but then her protesting Bush's inaugural apparently was the straw that broke the Camel's back (she blogs on the details of the protest as well). He fired her from her job and now she claims that she's about to be homeless.

And Maya herself writes about on her web-blog at this link.

Karen on 02.13.05 @ 06:07 AM CST

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