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02/24/2005: Swift Boat Weenies For Bush

Swifites Slime Again is Maureen Dowd's (NY Times) column today. And hoo-boy...I just HATE those Swift Boat Weenies and Liars for Bush.

Maureen writes:

"...USA Next, which has spent millions on Republican policy fights, has pledged to spend as much as $10 million on ads and other tactics to "dynamite" AARP and get Americans to rip up Social Security. It's hiring some of the same consultants who helped the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who dynamited John Kerry, a war hero, by sliming him as a war criminal.

... Bush supporters in 2000, Swift Boat assassins can rid the president of any meddlesome adversaries now....

...It began with an almost comically hyperbolic Internet ad that briefly ran on The American Spectator's Web site, painting AARP as pro-gay sex - even though it's tough to think of AARP and steamy lust in the same hot breath - and anti-soldier. It showed a soldier with a red X across him, and two gay men kissing at their nuptuals, with the headline "The REAL AARP Agenda."..."

As I am soon to join that 50+ crowd of Baby-Boomer AARP'er's we'll just have to see about them Swift Boatie Weenie Liars...I'd like to Dynamite those jerks myself. LOL

To see what I said about them Swift Boat Weenies last fall... click on the "more" button.

Now the Swift Boat Weenies for Bush have a new whine. Since the military records don’t back them up on their earlier claims (liars), and then they got caught out misquoting and distorting Congressional testimony about the Vietnam war (dirty rotten liars), now we’ve gotten to their real bottom line whine fest: “Gee, John Kerry hurt our feelings by being a war protester.”

Awwww, let me get you a hankie Mr. Swift Boat Weenie...and I’ve got the number of a good counselor for your emotional distress syndrome from those big mean Vietnam war protestors that picked on you 35 years ago. Phul..lease!!! What a real laugh is these pictures where they highlight John Kerry’s face out of crowds of thousands who were war protesters in the ‘70’s and act as if the entire Vietnam war protest was not a national phenomenon but devolved down to one man, one point of view…and it was he, and only he who caused all their psyco-babble whining today (liars who tell lies to cover up their earlier lies.)

What these misbegotten whiners want is some psychic retribution for a 35 years old national protest movement where they did not get the “hero’s welcome” afforded to earlier WWI and WWII and Korean War veterans because of the nature and character of the misguided Vietnam conflict. But it was the entire nation’s sentiments and the tidal wave of misgivings about the reasons for that war and brutalities of the government in continuing such a war. The protests helped stopped that conflict and end the daily fatalities, but obviously not soon enough to repair the Swift Boat Weenies damaged feelings.

Sorry, but I guess wars, and protests, are Hell. So dry your eyes, Swift Boat Weenies…that conflict is really over, 35 years over to be exact…and get some counseling if you just can’t get over it. Now, excuse me but I’ve got some real issues to worry about like Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy, the deficit, healthcare, medicare, education, poverty, oil prices…..

Karen on 02.24.05 @ 05:50 AM CST

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