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02/09/2005: Salad Days and Cubbies Baseball Games

Back in my carefree and child-less salad days, I would go to many Cubs games with our Gang. (We have an old Gang of folks from Park Ridge who all went to Maine South...different years tho' who still hang and get together on Thursday nights at Cuneen's on Devon Avenue for drinks. I rarely ever get to go...being a Mom and all...and living hell-an-gone from Cuneen's.)

We would sit along the right field side line (sometimes in the bleachers...but we we're not "bleacher bums" by any means...they are crowd amongt themselves.) Tom Kosinski would "insist" we all go on Opening Game Day. So, snow, sleet, freezing drizzle, blizzard, earthquake...we'd be there...frozen to our chairs begging for hot coffee, hot cocoa, hot dogs...anything hot we cold get our mittens on.

My favorite years of going was when Bruce Sutter and his "split fingered fast ball" and he RULED. He would be called in at after the 7th inning stretch...or thereabouts...and proceed to decimate the opposition. 1-2-3 an they're Outta there!! Swooshing split-fingered-fast ball!!! It was the BOMB. I was at several memorable double headers that lasted 15-17 innings EACH (It was AWESOME!!!) And in those days the catcher (Boo-Hoo on my greymatter...can't remember his name...tho' his brother was also a ball player..me thinks Len may know this one...it's on the tip of my mind...but I can't seem to get there from here) was a great hitter - RBI player too. Oh my "salad days" and Cubbie baseball...*sigh*

The Lauren story I am adding here as laurensoxgame.bmp (1040k file) a .bmp file. Sorry for the inconvienence but...Last year we had two computer hard drives simultaneous WIPE-OUTs. The first was my having to re-format "C" Drive entirely from scratch (Lauren had down loaded so much virally junk off the internet(s)...it had to be done) but in transferring all those files to other computer (to save) that computer got some "dust" (so said tech-no-dweeb at repair center) that we had to buy an install a brand new hard drive...tech-no-dweeb said original hard drive wasn't even able to burned a copy for saving existing files. Bleh! Double Bleh!!!

So, anything on those two computers older than a year is GONE. I have to track down a hard copy and re-type (Oh joy...my favorite thing...NOT) or scan it. So here is the scanned story Lauren wrote for a class story. It did earn her another 15 minutes of fame with a mention on Hank & Wimpy's Sox Sport Radio Show. Enjoy.

Karen on 02.09.05 @ 06:43 AM CST

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