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02/25/2005: Sorcerers

Speaking of Dental Work Sorcerers'...as I am about to enter another $$$$ month with more dental, ortho and oral surgery for my two teenaged daughters in my most immediate future...

US News Wire reports The Chicago Dental Society (CDS) will host their annual Midwinter Meeting on Friday, and high-tech and patient-friendly dental products, including treatments that could eventually make the drill extinct, will be on display:

"As we countdown to CDS's annual Midwinter Meeting, one of the largest displays of dental products in North America, here are a few of the exciting products to be highlighted on the exhibit floor.

Fruit and candy flavors for floss and toothpaste. Johnson & Johnson adds cherry, bubblegum, citrus and berry flavors to their floss line-up. Radius has released a cranberry-flavored floss made with silk, and Nature's Gate offers licorice and green tea flavors. Crest debuts Vanilla toothpaste.

Sonicare two-in-one toothbrush. Sonicare reveals a new electric toothbrush that includes a built-in liquid toothpaste dispenser. This new toothbrush releases toothpaste while you brush.

Improving cavity treatment. One dental tool gives patients more options than the standard drill by using air to drill through tooth decay. Another new innovation uses a small digital camera that takes a photograph inside the mouth and uses a special light to detect early decay on the tooth."

Where were these cool things and most equipped Sorcerers when I was growing up? And had to see the dentist...endlessly...for all them cavities, crowns, caps, root canals and stuff?

Karen on 02.25.05 @ 05:50 AM CST

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