Dark Bilious Vapors

But how could I deny that I possess these hands and this body, and withal escape being classed with persons in a state of insanity, whose brains are so disordered and clouded by dark bilious vapors....
--Rene Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy: Meditation I

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02/18/2005: The Screaming Monkey v Techno-Doggies (Part 2)

Continuing our Fret-Free-Friday-in-February Battle of the The Screaming Monkey v. Techno-Doggies stories.

Here is: (Part 2): Techno-Doggies Living the High Life.

Click on the "more" button to read further....Plus, be sure to cast a vote on "Who Wins"; The Screaming Monkey or those crafty Techno-Doggies, post this in our COMMENT section. ;-)

Just as an aside, as my daughter, Cory, aptly pointed out...the Dogs (in this case Three gorgeous German Shepards...Len's Princess, notwithstanding) are not actual "Techno-Wizard's" themselves as the name of this piece implies. We, at Delta Controls Chicago, are the Techno-Wizards of this story. Here is a website link to one of our other Project Testimonials. This is also a companion piece to Len's Linux Post.

This story takes place in a suburban area near Chi-ca-gah. This client has a Mega-U-Shaped Mansion of a home. One entire wing of this place ---which according to Charlie is larger than the entire first floor of our single-family, four-bedroom home--- is devoted to his German Shepards. Hey...Anybody who lavishes such care and consideration on his FurKids is OK in my book...and this story proves the guy is a "Prince" among pet owners. We have done all the controls work for this stunningly "Techno-House" to run the HVAC, all mechnicals, swimming pool, lighting, internet access, music and audio/visual controls ...but -most importantly- their Doggie Residence Wing.

This wing had three separate apartments; one for each dog cause they would fight if they could co-mingle without supervision. There is a garage opening type door that leads to a private dog-run for each hound, and then a door that opens to a common habitat area outside. The dogs take turns doing their 'business" and getting their outdoor exercise in the habitat.

This pet owner has multiple homes, one in a Great Sunshiny State that I won't name here. It is much too difficult for him to transport his pets back and forth between homes...plus not each place has such Posh digs and set up for his cannines.

Enter, Delta Controls Chicago, with our fully programmable BACnet, interfacing, internet modem-ing control systems. So, from his home in that Great Sunshiny State, this doggie owner has full audio and visual and control capabilities to run his most-excellently-awesome-doggie-pad-known-to-mankind.

Via the Internet, he can log onto his system, and call up his site and visually "see" video feed of each dog. He can speak to them via his audio hook up. Plus, he can control the doors and access to the runs and habitat spaces for each pooch. There are also capabilities to provide food, water, temperature controls, lighting, music for said pooches. In the habitat, there is a hosing-sprinkler to wash the "doggie-doo" down to a pre-formed gutter and rinse it right into the drainage-sewer system. No Pooper Scoopers needed for this Pack 'o' Pets.

While he's on-line, he speaks into a microphone to each dog, "Ok, Muffy (a psuedo-name to protect their identity) "It's your turn for "exercise." They have been trained to respond to these code -words like "exercise' and "back to your bed". He hits a button, opens the Pod-bay door...Muffy is free to enter the habitat area. From his computer, Mr. Owner can monitor Muffy's progess. When her time is up, its... "Ok, Muffy...back to your bed." Muffy obediently obeys. When he sees, via the video feed, that Muffy is back inside, he hits another keyboard button and her door closes. Now it's Spike's turn...and so on, until each dog has had its exercise and done it's "biz." Hit yet another button...and the hoses-of-cleanliness do their job...and voila, Bob's my haamsta' Mr. Fawlty....Clean habitat.

So, Len..do I need to arrange an introduction for Princess?? I hear Spike is quite the Man-About-Town...every Princess' Dream Date. And just think of those "puppy progeny" you could have out of the deal...*wink*

So...here's yer chance: You RATE the winner in this battle of the Year. Leave your comments and let me know: The Screaming Monkey or Techno-Doggies? Who Wins?

Karen on 02.18.05 @ 05:15 AM CST

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