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Bird Land
Deadspin (Will Leitch)
New York Sports (Will Leitch)
Salon Front Page for King Kaufman (via sitepass cookie)
The Return of Billmon (Daily Kos diary)
Roger Ebert's Journal
Temporary Attorney: The Sweatshop Edition
Rob "Pachelbel Rant" Paravonian
Just How Stupid Are We? (History News Network)
Paul Krugman Blog
The Daily Howler
Richard Carrier
Debunking Christianity

Ask BA
The Birdwatch
FanGraphs: STL Cardinals
Bird Land
The Cardinals' Birdhouse
The Birdhouse Annex
The Birdhouse Minor League Report
Get Up, Baby!
The Psychotic Cardinal
Pure Cardinal Obsession
STL Outsider
The Cardinal Virtue
Random Redbird Reasoning
The Hunt for a RED October
Away From Busch
The Red Sea Scrolls

Cards Fan in Cubs Land
Cardinals Diaspora
The Cardinal Nation
Royalties and Cardinalate
Pro Sports Daily: St. Louis Cardinals
Pro Sports Daily: St. Louis Cardinals Rumors
Pro Sports Daily: MLB Rumors
Deadspin (Will Leitch)
Salon Front Page for King Kaufman (via sitepass cookie)
The Hardball Times
The Baseball Journals
Field of Schemes
The Baseball Widow
Talking Tech
Language Log
A Perfectly Cromulent Blog
Blog 9 from Outer Space
Big Stupid Tommy
The Umpire
Annenberg Political Fact Check
The Fact Checker (WaPo)
PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter (St. Petersburg Times)
The Daily Howler
Daily Kos
Steve Gilliard's Blog
Whiskey Bar
Just a Bump in the Beltway
Juan Cole *Informed Comment*
The Kitsap Pundit
Pat Oliphant
Why Now?
Main and Central
Pretty War
Pretty War STL
Facing South
Our Obligatory Blog (Stan & Cathy Schwarz)
'77 Track 7
GWBblows Blog
Stout Dem Blog
Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball
Talking Points Memo
Robert Reich Blog
James Wolcott
The Blogressive
Daily Dose of Durst
Corked Bats
1 Boring Old Man
3 Old Men
No Quarter
Molly Ivins
Nathan Newman
Here's What's Left
Missouri Liberal
Pen-Elayne on the Web
Sherman P. Wright's Moderate Weblog
Iraq Coalition Casualty Count
George Carlin
Lewis Black
Madeleine Begun Kane's Notables Weblog
President Boxer
Pesky the Rat
Query Letters I Love
Steve, Don't Eat It!
The Sneeze
Banana Slug
MovieJuice Web Diary (Mark Ramsey's Blog)
Roger Ebert
James Berardinelli
Berardinelli's ReelThoughts
Butterflies and Wheels
The Select Group of Toys
The Leiter Reports
The Leiter Law School Reports
Three Years of Hell to Become the Devil
Glorfindel of Gondolin
Damn Foreigner
Democratic Veteran
Lean Left
Mike Hollihan
Mike Reed
Mind Warp
One Hand Clapping
Rush Limbaughtomy
Sandcastles and Cubicles
South Knox Bubba
Voluntarily in China
Wandering Hillbilly

Signifying Nothing
m e m p h i s . c o o l
Sparks on Memphis
Let it Fly (Memphis Flyer house blog)
The Flypaper Theory
Memphis Progressive Bloggers Unite
Cherry Blossom Special
RiverCity Mud Bugle
Midnight, and I'm Still Not Famous
Polar Donkey
Confessions of a West Tennessee Liberal
Memphis Mojo
Memphis Red Blogs
Peggy Phillip
Tread lightly on the things of earth
Rachel and the City
Quixtar Blog
Plug In
Adventures with Lady Cutie Troublemaker
But... uh...
Thursday Night Fever
Packed with trauma and wonder
Rock'n'roll Minor Planets
Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This [Requesciat In Pace]
Sister Novena's PortaPulpit
The For Real Deal

People's Republic of Seabrook
WTF is it NOW?
Happy Furry Puppy Story Time
Cup O' Joe
Sick of Bush
Rick's Cafe Americain
A-Changin' Times(ACT)
Estimated Prophet
Gotham City 13
The Mudshark
Byte Back
The Huck Upchuck
DeanLand - Dean Landsman's Weblog
Turquoise Waffle Irons in the Back Yard
Wilson's Blogmanac
Ayn Clouter

The Liberal Coalition