Dark Bilious Vapors

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02/21/2005: Those Wormy, Diseased, Apple Guys are "at it" Again...

Len and I have been sharing this ongoing computer kevetch...which preceeded his Every OS Sucks ditty by Three Dead Trolls in Baggie. But mine ire is and always has been about those Apple SOB's and the Performa 6300 nuclear-melt down in a box I was sucker punched into purchasing "because all the schools use MAC's...it's so compatible"...blah, blah, blah...

Well $3600.00 and 18 months later and it's logic board was fried, it had ongoing system freeze problems, it s monitor experienced "yellowing" burnout, and to add insult to injury...it's internal power supply went deader than that door-o-nails. Couldn't even boot this motha up nor retrieve any of my work, business or kids stuff off of this hell-on-wheels PC. And all this fun just cost additional money too. I've had this hunk'o'junk sitting in a packing box since 1997. Oh...that Steven Jobs...

Here's the latest Environmentalists target Ipod's built-in obsolescence :

"The iPod, which debuted in October 2001, has an internal, non-removable, lithium-based rechargeable battery. Like many iPod customers, New York City filmmakers Casey and Van Neistat found that after 18 months of use the battery's ability to recharge had eroded to the point where it would die after only an hour's use.

When the Neistat brothers contacted Apple's customer service department, they were told it would cost them $250 to replace the battery -- roughly what it cost to buy the iPod.

Protesters also turned up at the company's recent Macworld Expo in San Francisco. They have generated thousands of letters to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. And they are vowing to bring their complaints to shareholders at the company's annual meeting in April.

Apple now offers a two-year warranty on the battery for an extra $50. After that, customers have to ship the iPod to Apple and pay $100 to have the battery replaced."

Oh...what is guy is that Steven Jobs...what a Prince among Merchants...Bah and Humbug too. And what about my internal power supply? Hmmm....Steven Jobs? You can keep those wormy, diseased Apples to yourself, Steven Jobs....and when my kids iPods batteried poop-out...I'm looking for YOU!

Karen on 02.21.05 @ 05:03 PM CST

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