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02/25/2005: Kennel Club Doggie News

We have counted down to this Final-Fret-Free-Friday-in-February. Have to think up something else for next month. *wink*

More in the Kennel Club & Doggie News Department: Canines compete to be top dog in Chicago
by Elisabeth Mistretta (Daily Herald Staff Writer).

This weekend Chicago plays host to the Blackhawk Kennel Club and The International Kennel Club dog show for over 150 breeds of pooches.

The Daily Herald even has a Learning the Lingo of doggie show terminology to help spectators enjoy the show. Details of show available.

In the ring:

Standard: Written traits and physical characteristics of each breed set and maintained by each breed's national club.

Conformation: Judges compare dogs to written breed standards, not to each other.

Gait: A sound and balanced movement indicates proper conformation and structure.

Stack: Positioning the dog in a specific stance.

Down and back: Usually a slight trot required on a diagonal from one corner of the ring to the other. Judges see the dogs front and rear movement.

Gay tail: Twisted or bent tail.Stripping: Thinning the dog's coat to enhance texture.

X-ing: Taking a dog for a potty break in a collapsible metal exercise pen with wood shavings in the center.

Snood: Fabric hood worn on the head and ears of long-coated breeds like the afghan hound and cocker spaniel to protect them from dirt.

About the shows:

Benched show: Dogs must remain in assigned areas, or "benches," when not competing so spectators can talk with breeders, owners and handlers.

Unbenched show: Owners and dogs can leave once their competitions are over.

Karen on 02.25.05 @ 05:30 AM CST

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