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Well, everyone is entitled to a bit of silliness, and this is mine. I got the thought when a guy e-mailed me years ago, and suggested that I link to his page. He didn't give any reason why I should, but I did notice that his name was also Leonard (Great, so this idea is already taken, too). That gave me the idea of a page of links to Web pages by or about other folks named Leonard. I suppose that had I more time and inclination, I'd make this really cool, with a searchable database for every Leonard who ever thought about the World Wide Web, but I've neither the time or inclination. 'Til then, this'll have to do.

Also, I guess we'll just have to put up with the fact that, for now, I don't have a lot of descriptive information about these folks, not to mention that their ordering is just about completely random. What I have done, and this will have to do for now, is personally visit each of these sites and verify that (as of the day this was modified), the links still work. As long as I was in the mood to add a bunch of new links, I took the time to add a descriptive word or two to all of the new listings, explaining who this particular Leonard is, or what distinguishes him from all the other schmucks named Leonard on this list. I hope that increases the usefulness of this particular list just a tad or two, but, frankly, this little page will never be mistaken for Nor do I want it to be.

The Honor Roll

In the time that this page has been in existence, a couple of Leonards who have their own Web pages dropped me an e-mail expressing approval (more or less) of this concept. So to honor their discerning taste, and to encourage other Web based Leonards to drop me a line with their web page URLs, I feature an "Honor Roll" of Leonards with whom I've actually communicated with via the miracle of e-mail. The folks who make this list will be inserted in the order in which they contact me, so sign up early, folks! If you are a Leonard with a Web page, feel free to drop me a note at with your URL, and I'll be happy to add it to this ever growing list.

Honor Roll of Leonards

Leonard Voet (Why the Brenard Page? Basically "Brenard" is what you get when you try to say "Brenda and Leonard" too fast. Interesting audio greeting; sounds like it was recorded at 45 and played back at 33 1/3. Also some interesting pictures of Leonard and various Raiders cheerleaders.)
Leonard M. Cachola's Web Page, featuring Innies and Outies Yet another Web comic strip. The difference is, this one is excellent, with strong overtones of Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County, which strips Leonard acknowledges as being strong influences on his work. An FAQ list indicates that he's planning on trying to syndicate the strip, yet being realistic about his hopes of success. I hope he succeeds. Innies and Outies would be a worthy successor to the work of Watterston and Breathed. Good luck, Leonard!
Leonard Kimble Jr.'s Homepage Leonard's page was previously listed here. It's since moved, and he was kind enough to email me and let me know. Leonard's going for the minimalist approach in this one, which I find cool, especially after such things as the excesses of the Hampster Dance. Perhaps he'll start a trend?

The List to Date:

The Official Leonard Bernstein Site The official Website dealing with the life, times, and career of the legendary conductor of the N.Y. Philharmonic, and the man who, for years, was synonymous with "classical music" in the minds of Americans.
Leonard Nimoy Club Online Official Web Presence of the Leonard Nimoy Club.
Just Married! (Actually, he's been married a little less than a year; about eleven months at this revision. He snagged a lovely bride; my sincerest congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy married life. At the time I first found his resume, he was an accounting student in Guam. He's now an accountant in Guam.)
Leonard W. Zalapski - Biographical Sketch (A Canadian lawyer.)
The Unofficial Leonard Cohen Democracy Page (A singer. Fairly popular among netizens, if the number of Leonard Cohen pages on the web is any indication.)
Leonard Tennenhouse (Faculty member, Department of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University.)
Leonard Shedletsky Home Page (Professor of Communications, University of Southern Maine.)
Leonard S. Bobrow (Associate Professor (retired) of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts. This is his "official" page (through his department), and it links to a more personal page as well.)
Free Leonard Peltier! (Native American activist alleged by his supporters to have been unjustly convicted of killing two FBI agents at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in 1975.)
Leonard M. Lodish (Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School. Leonard may want to revise his picture; the one on this page makes him look very much like a Sherlockian acquaintance of mine....He should be very afraid...)
Home Websight of Leonard (Len) H. Tower Jr. [sic] (A bit about Len's interests.)
Dr. Leonard Territo (Criminologist at the University of South Florida.)
Leonard Parker Resume (Professor of Physics, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.)
Professor Leonard Parker of UWM Physics
Leonard Faltz (Nice picture of Leonard, unfortunately there's no more information about him. From the URL, I'd say he's connected with Arizona State University in some way, but further deponent saith not.)
Leonard A. Ferrari (No not connected with cars; he's the Chairman of the Electrical Engineering Department at Virginia Polytechnic.)
Leonard Chess (One of the founders of Chess Records. One of the Major Names in the early history of Rock and Roll, as the label he co-founded (Chess Records) became the premier blues label of the fifties and sixties.) for the postmodern reformation (United Methodist postmodernist theologian, VP and Professor of Postmodern Christianity and Dean of the Theological School at Drew University, Madison, NJ. )
Leonard Lane (USDA research scientist at the Southwest Watershed Research Center.)
Law Offices of Leonard S. de Palma (attorney, of course)
Leonard Lee's Corner of Cyberspace (Software engineer with Lockheed Martin)
Leonard E. Assante (Assistant Professor of Communications, Volunteer State Community College.)
Leonard's Live Web Cams, Cameras and Camcorders (Web Cam Heaven. 'nuff said.)
Leonard Michael Greene (Inventor of the aircraft stall warning device.)
Axe Special Collections, The Leonard H. Axe Library, Pittsburg State University Hey, it's named after a Leonard. And the page has some info about Leonard Axe, too.
Leonard H. Lesko (Professor and Chairman, Department of Egyptology, Brown University.)
The Leonard Benson Company ("how to get rich quick by gambling")
Leonard Lardaro (Professor of Economics, University of Rhode Island.)
Leonard Adelman (Henry Salvatori Professor of Computer Science, University of Southern California.)
Leonard E. Storm (Professor of Physics, Eastern Illinois University.)
Leonard Digges (Interesting gentleman. English gentleman, barrister, footnote personage in the history of science. Was declared a traitor for participating in a rebellion, all before his death at the age of 39. Boy, some people make you realize how little you've accomplished.)
Leonard S. Fedor (NOAA Meterologist) (Very minimalist one paragraph bio of Leonard.)
Alfred and Leonard's Home Page! (Just another Leonard with a Web page, or at least half of one?)
Leonard Gyllenhaal of H÷berg (18th Cent. entomologist)
Leonard's Homepage (Leonard Norberg, in Sweden. Very Minimalist. On the other hand, it does have the virtue of loading into your browser quickly.)
Leonard L. Boswell (U. S. Congressman, D-IA)
Leonard F. Heumann (Prof of Urban Planning, UI Urbana-Champaign)
Leonard M. Jessup (Associate Prof, Accounting/Info. Systems, U. Indiana Bloomington)
Leonard R. Forte (Prof. of Pharmacology, U. Missouri, Columbia)
Leonard Rosenthol Leonard's the principal in Lazerware, Macintosh software development, it appears. and your host and founder, Leonard Colton.
Leonard CheshireThe leading charity provider of services for disabled people in the UK. Also providing services to people in 52 other countries, worldwide.
Anger Management founded by Leonard Ingram. Link on the home page to a bio of Leonard.
Leonard "Guitar" Eisenberg Artworks (poster, tie-dyed T-shirt, and tape) by Leonard Eisenberg.
Leonard Reyn Artist and painter.
Leonard Calvert Governor of Maryland from 1633-1647.
Leonard Nelson
Philosopher. Apparently specialized in philosophy of mathematics. Well regarded by Karl Popper, according to this source.
Leonard R. Cleavelin (

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