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02/19/2005: Going Postal: Flash News Update

See...You just HAVE to watch out for them "Life-er" Postal Workers. No sooner do I post my long lost Going Postal Memoires ...than this story takes the lead spot in the Kane County Chronicle:

STC Postal Worker Charged With Forgery reveals that:

"Bond was set at $300,000 Friday for a St. Charles postal employee charged with 11 felonies, including unlawful use of a credit card and forgery. Cindy M. Lucas... arrested Thursday after a resident on her mail route reported illegal use of her credit card at the Meijer and Lowe's stores in St. Charles.

St. Charles Police spokesman Paul McCurtain said nearly $4,000 apparently was charged to a new credit card stolen from the woman's mail. Lucas is charged with two counts of unlawful use of a credit card, eight counts of forgery, and one count of receiving a lost or misplaced credit card. ....Lucas, who delivered mail on the east side of St. Charles in the Fox Chase area, was identified Wednesday as making the transactions at Lowe's and Meijer after postal supervisors and the alleged victim reviewed the stores' surveillance tapes, police records show. McCurtain said additional charges against Lucas are pending."

Now, the Bulk Mail Postal Delivery Service I worked at...lo' those many years ago...was ever vigilant and on the look out for "stolen mail" or "valuable items" taking their turn in transit via the United States Postal Delivery Service. No Pillfering Allowed. Why else ----- the Thought Police Automatic Registration Act, Section G (a) 1.e (3) 6.000 notwithstanding--- would they have required Fingerprinting of all Employees in the first instance? But, I'm not making any charges or accusations or nothin'....as I say, apparently the quality and integrity of the average Postal Worker has declined in the intervening decades....but thank goodness someone at this St. Charles Post Office (and Lowe's & Meijer's) was on the ball and caught Ms. Lucas red-handed.

I always use the Geneva or Batavia Post Office branches...where I am SURE everyone working there is beyond reproach.

Karen on 02.19.05 @ 09:16 AM CST

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