Dark Bilious Vapors

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02/09/2005: Bubble Nesters

The Wet Crowd of Fishes has gotten short-shrift in my blogging. So, to make it up to them I have this post and pictures about "Bubble Nesters." Here is a picture of Huebert (blue) and Jane (red)...Cory's Betta Fish, Pee Wee, is in Betta Heaven...where ever that IS. (If you see their "display posture"...you'll see why they don't call them Siamese Fighting Fish for nothing.)

DSC01048 (86k image)

Over at Fresh Aquarium they had this to say about Bubble nesters:

"Scientific Name: Betta Splendens
Other Names: Betta Family: Belontiidae
Origin: Cambodia, Thailand
Adult Size: 3 inches (7 cm)
Social: Males cannot be kept together
Lifespan: 2-3 years
Tank Level: Top dweller
Minimum Tank Size: 3 gallon
Diet: Live foods preferable, will eat flakes and frozen foods
Breeding: Egglayer - bubblenest
Care: Easy to Intermediate
pH: 6.8 - 7.4
Hardenss: up to 20 dGH
Temperature: 75-86 F (24-30 C)

Description: The brilliant coloration, and long flowing fins of the Betta make it one of the most well known of aquarium fish. Colors range from red to blue to white. Females are not as highly colored, and have much shorter fins. A well conditioned breeding female will often display horizontal stripes.

Habitat/Care: Bettas are one of the most recognized, most colorful, and often most controversial fish in the freshwater hobby. Debates range on about the appropriateness of keeping them in small bowls. To fully understand their needs it is important to become familiar with their native habitat. Bettas originate in the shallow waters in Thailand (formerly called Siam, hence their name), Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and parts of China. They proliferate rice paddies, shallow ponds, and even slow moving streams."

For a reeeally cool site try this one with a Slide Show of Betta Fish spawning (that means having SEX...so don't look if you're too prudish.) Or Try this about Breeding Betta Fish...it had some "bubble-sounds" to go with the pictures and info.

Me thinks my Betta Fish are dreaming of a Rice Paddie Bubble Nest as we speak.

(I have three more tanks of Fish...But they will have to wait their turns...and besides they ARE NOT Bubble Nesters.)

Karen on 02.09.05 @ 07:34 AM CST

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