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08/25/2005: Still Trying to Make that Lemon into Lemonade...

Ah - here come the bAdmin apologists highlighting just a few realities of the Iraqi Constitution as propounded by Mr. Babbling Brooks:

"...The Bush administration finally did something right in brokering this constitution," [Peter W.] Galbraith exclaimed, then added: "This is the only possible deal that can bring stability. ... I do believe it might save the country."


…Galbraith's argument is that the constitution reflects the reality of the nation it is meant to serve. There is, he says, no meaningful Iraqi identity. In the north, you've got a pro-Western Kurdish population. In the south, you've got a Shiite majority that wants a "pale version of an Iranian state." And in the center you've got a Sunni population that is nervous about being trapped in a system in which it would be overrun.

So what we get is a vague “HOPE” that somewhere in all of this hideous mess “may” [May?] be a “stability that might save the country.”

But even better are these GEMs:
“Both [Gailbreith and Reuel Marc Gerecht] begin their analysis by taking a hard look at the reality of Iraqi society. Neither tries to imagine what sort of constitution might be pretty to our eyes or might be good in some abstract sense. They try to envision which system comports with reality.

Gerecht is also upbeat about this constitution. It's crazy, he says, to think that you could have an Iraqi constitution in which clerical authorities are not assigned a significant role. Voters supported clerical parties because they are, right now, the natural leaders of society and serve important social functions.

But this doesn't mean we have to start screaming about a 13th-century theocratic state.

… The constitution also exposes the canard that America is some imperial power trying to impose its values on the world. There are many parts of this constitution any American would love. There are other parts that are strange to us.

…The U.S. has orchestrated a document that is organically Iraqi.

It's their country, after all.”

Yep…Uh, News-Flash - It’s always been “their country” and we attacked them precisely to prove "America is some imperial power trying to impose its values on the world.

But If the Iraqi Constitution is going to become (as seems likely) an Islamic Republic, with strong ties to Iran (and not likely to remain Pro-US once we leave), and the Militias are taking over parts of the country and cities already because of the lack of trained security forces (sheesh, these militia ARE the security forces) – And all of this has been the “best result” we can “hope” for, bought with American Blood and Taxpayer Dollars -- Then it's yet another 180 degree swing from the latest rationale of “it’s our God Given American Right and *National Defense Strategy* to Spread Democracy and Freedom.” Some Noble Cause...

And only these apologist think it's GREAT to end up with only a vague hope of a hard negotiated compromise for a passing chance at “stability which might save the country.”

I think the General said it best to Reuel Marc Gerecht:

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
Dear Mr. Gerecht,

Your defense on Meet the Press of the limited democracy Iraq is entering into was outstanding. Like you, I believe that the kind of freedom Americans possessed in 1900 is enough freedom for anyone. Indeed, it is a freedom preferable to that held by any citizen before and after that time. God willing, we'll return to those days once good men like John Roberts take seats on the Supreme Court and undo the damage done by FDR and his philosophical descendents.

In 1900, women may not have had the absolute right to own property, the ability to work in a profession of their choice, sovereignty over their bodies, or the right to vote, but by God, their husbands did. That was good enough for us. I think it's more than good enough for the Iraqis.

106 black men were lynched in the U.S. in 1900, and Jim Crow ruled with an iron fist in the North as well as the South. In Iraq, I expect the same kind of freedom will be given to the Turkmen and Chaldeans. Some might think that's a problem. I prefer to think of it as our gift to them. I hope they're thankful for it.

heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

Karen on 08.25.05 @ 04:50 AM CST

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