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08/14/2005: Moral Equivocating...

Lies, Damn Lies and the Liars who tell them…

Posted a comment to a short bit and link from Eric over at Is That Legal:

”And It Never Should Have Aired in the First Place.

Good for NARAL. It was an idiotic ad.

So I commented:
Ah...but that just goes to show the Dif between the "Liberals" and the "Conservatives." If Liberals do something "idiotic" or say things "wrong"...They Apologize and Stop repeating the idiocy. Like Dick Durbin - over his remarks comparing Abu Ghraib to Nazi concentration camps.
Conservatives (as far as I have seen) almost NEVER apologize. Equivocate maybe... but apologize - Ha ha ha - unlikely.

Need I say Bill Frist - over Teri Schiavo; Karl Rove - over Plame; Ann Coulter- over anything; Bill "Loofah" O'Reilly - over any lies he tells constantly on air [And added here - David Corn’s calling O’Reilly out for outrageous remarks like saying he was a “sewer-dweller” and yet being refused an invite on-air on “The Factor” to discuss this]; Gary Skoien (former GOP Chair in Cook County, Il - over the "bounty" offered on Richard Daley; G.W. Bush - over Anything (can't think of a single mistake of any consequence to hear him tell it).

And those Swift Boat Weenie Liars for Bush kept those despicable ads running For-ev-Ahhhhh!! Even after it was demonstrated how outrageous were their attacks on Candidate Kerry.

They have no sense of shame nor fair play - just attack, attack with lies, repeat attacks. Disgusting.

Then found this reference to an article: Democrats Conflicted on Playing Rough: Lack of Support for Roberts Ad Raises Question of Tactics by Dana Milbank (Washington Post):
“…The NARAL case was the latest incident to provoke Democratic recriminations. In June, Democrats demanded that Bush aide Karl Rove apologize for saying that liberals wanted "therapy and understanding for our attackers." Rove refused to apologize, and Republicans leapt to his defense. Just before the Rove episode, Republicans demanded an apology from Richard J. Durbin (Ill.), the number two Democrat in the Senate, who likened U.S. treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay to techniques used by Nazis. Democrats joined in criticizing Durbin, who eventually delivered a tearful apology on the Senate floor.

Republicans, attacking the NARAL ad, trumpeted the finding of the nonpartisan FactCheck.org that the abortion group's ad was "false" and "misleading." But that same organization had labeled the Swift boat ads "dubious" and found "a serious discrepancy in the account of Kerry's accusers," which was at odds with military records.

But Mueller said he never considered pulling the Swift boat ads when Democrats reacted with fury and independent arbiters declared the ads to be misleading. "There was never any question in our minds," he said.”

And a most interesting follow up by Kevin Drum: Ad Wars:
”…Second, though, it's worth keeping in mind that Republicans play under different ground rules than Democrats, and there's just not much that Democrats can do about that in the short term. Nearly 40% of Americans call themselves conservatives, and that means that Republicans need to attract only a small number of center-right voters to win elections. They can run nasty campaigns designed to increase turnout among their base without worrying very much that they're losing so many moderate voters that it will turn the election….”

Which basically says cause they feel immune from alienating their base the GOP Lying Liars and their supporters can act any ole way they damn please…outright lies and falsehoods be damned. Yep, a real Moral Values Party is that GOP. HA! HA! HA!

Karen on 08.14.05 @ 03:32 PM CST

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