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07/13/2005: A Traitor to These United States...

Still being Bizee with My Computer Extravaganza Set-Up, but found yet another reason Ole’ Karl isn’t just a “Liar-Liar-Pants-On-Fire” like all the GOP suck-ups are wishy-wash-ing over about having spoken to Matt Cooper about “Joe Wilson’s” wife working at the CIA. But Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove is a TRAITOR to These United States:

The Rove Review - Shifty Words and Fancy Dancing (by Jack K) has this to say:

...so now we know what we know. Courtesy of a Newsweek revelation of a Matthew Cooper e-mail, we know that Karl Rove told Cooper that "Wilson's wife" was a CIA employee who actually authorized Joseph Wilson's trip to Nigeria that led to the editorial that trashed Gee Dub's claims about Nigerian yellow cake uranium that placed a critical piece of his claim about the absolute grim true badness of Saddam's Iraq that could any moment lead to Condi Rice's infamous "mushroom cloud" sprouting in its deadly glory somewhere in the US. There are some other things we know, too, but time will only tell whether the half-bright pretty boys and girls in the MSM will actually figure out...

...the first thing we know is that Karl Rove is a liar, because he told Cooper that Valerie Plame authorized her husband's trip to Nigeria on behalf of the CIA. Valerie Plame wasn't in a position to make such an authorization, and it was higher authorities in the CIA that were looking for an envoy to make that snooping-around trip...

...the next thing we know is that Karl Rove is a liar and - more to the point - a traitor to this country. He has constantly made a point of playing at the margins of truth, saying that he never told anyone that Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA agent or that he used her name, the implication being that he had no involvement in her outing. As Cooper's e-mail - which was prior to the initial column by that other noted traitor and administration stoolie Bobby Novak - clearly shows, Rove told Cooper that it was Wilson's wife, WHO WORKED FOR THE CIA IN THE AREA OF WMD, who played a central role in Wilson's being selected to go to Nigeria. One little problem, Karl ol' sweet cheeks Snoogums sugar-pie: nobody knew up until that moment that VALERIE PLAME ACTUALLY WORKED FOR THE FRIGGIN' CIA!!!

Let me repeat that unless you missed it.


...as far as anyone knew, Mrs. Wilson was an energy industry consultantfor the consulting firm Brewster Jennings, which itself was a CIA cover asset which is now as worthless as radioactive dirt to the agency. But nobody knew that at the time. As far as Rove's useless, dirty cover comment that he "didn't know her name, didn't leak her name" is concerned, this is all a hammered together backstory that is somehow supposed to convince a jury that a just world would make him come before. He didn't have to use her name, for God's Sake! Joe Wilson wasn't some crazed hermit dropout living in a previously unmapped lava tube out here in Central Oregon; he was a former Ambassador living in a suburb with neighbors and had a history and a biography that my children could discover on the Internet with only a child's googling skills. Rove gave Cooper, prior to any public revelation of the truth of Valerie Plame, everything that was necessary to destroy her cover and ruin her usefulness to the CIA and - just perhaps - put her live personally at risk. His revelation to Matthew Cooper was nothing more than part of an effort to put the lash to Joe Wilson and show just how rough things could get if he didn't shut up and get out of the way of the effort to launch George W. Bush's Grand Nation-Building Adventure in Iraq. Sadly, for both the Wilson's and the country, Cooper wasn't bright enough to figure it out, probably in major part because that whole Big-Time Major League Hot-Shot "Time Magazine-Reporter-With-Deep-White-House-Contacts" gig is such a powerful brain-sucking drug that it just overpowers any sense of critical thought or journalistic integrity...

...it's times like these that make me so very glad that I finally shrugged off all those powerful "All The President's Men" enticements back there in the early '70's that actually caused me to originally major in journalism and turned instead to a degree and career that simply causes me to have frequent and uncomfortable conflicts with the left-hand side of the progressive movement. Forget about Novak; he's a "commentator", a flack for a particular political movement who has been shilling for the protection of the rich and the tight, stern parental control of the actions of everybody else for longer than a good portion of the nation's populace has been potty trained. The true shame is people like Cooper and Judith Miller, who draped themselves in the mantle of the fourth estate as alleged protectors of the ordinary person's right to know what the hell was going on inside the centers of power but instead, in one way or another, got hooked on that sublime yet brutal sweet drug of access and suddenly found it OK to even listen to Karl Rove's sweet nothings without bothering to check a couple of simple facts and say "Wait a Minute! Mrs. Wilson works for "

...we know what we know. What we know is that Karl Rove revealed to a Time correspondent information about the employment of an enemy's wife that nobody knew at the time, that he sure as hell shouldn't have known at the time, which served no purpose other than to cause harm to that enemy and his wife. I almost don't want poor old Karl to have to frog-hop into some courtroom in a frumpy orange jumpsuit to answer charges. I almost want Karl to be out there, free and tall and proud, a true icon of this presidency: the man willing to destroy the career and threaten the life of a woman he never met and willing to destroy an entire CIA operation solely for the purpose of punishing an opponent that was causing his personal meat puppet in the Oval Office a spot of trouble. Karl Rove, now that he's out running around shooting his mouth off, should become the poster boy for the Bush Administration on the strength of what we actually know to be his actual care and concern for this country. It's important for Americans to know what today's Republicans actually stand for, and their overpowering desire to destroy lives and careers of anyone who disagrees or gets in their way is a good place to start. We know what we know, but it's about time that everybody knows....

Correction to an error I just noticed: I just realized in rereading this screed that I got lost somehow in all that Miller/Cooper NYT/Time stuff, so I fixed it....”

Karen on 07.13.05 @ 12:27 PM CST

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