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But how could I deny that I possess these hands and this body, and withal escape being classed with persons in a state of insanity, whose brains are so disordered and clouded by dark bilious vapors....
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03/14/2005: Old News

Just for Brock: Here's a re-edit --Hokay? LOL

Goodness, I used to consider CNN a "fairly standard and pretty good source" of daily NEWS. Despite having a healthy dose of skepticism about their "The Most Trusted Name In News" slogan. I enjoyed almost all of their commentators, anchors, reporters and special commentators for feature stories.

I mostly tune them in while I'm multitasking like a Banshee around my housely duties, just to get a handle on the news of the world and stuff. But Yikes, it's no longer NEWS of the world anymore -- just a 24/7 endless repetition of some "schlocky story" that worth...Oh...about a 30-second sound bite. I was a bit appalled at their fall election issue coverage too; having these stupid "fakey" "Let's-Discuss-The-Issues" moments (and I mean literally a "moment") with guests who were barely allowed to complete a coherent thought before they be "warned off" with a commercial break, or thrown off their stride by extraneous "let's make sound bite headlines questions".

And this past couple days, last week in particular, I tuned into the Michael Jackson Pajama Fiasco (which I posted about) but mostly (hoping) to see how the Judge would react to this complete and disdainful disrespect of the Court, The Jury, The Attorneys from both sides in this legal matter. Disappointingly, the Judge "punted". But, Hey, it is his courtroom and that's what "Judging and Judgeship" is about: his call. But CNN covered this "twinkie" BREAKING NEWS lightweight story for the next 48-76 hours, non-stop, ad nauseum. Bleh!! The Most Trusted Name in News? Who are they kidding?

And today, having more laundry to fold, I flipped CNN on and it's some Crap-ola "feature" reporting about Martha Stewart and her "home detention." Please!! How HARD could it be to have "home detention" on a 150 acre Estate, with permission to go to work as long as Sheriff's Deputies are in attendance? And this rates with CNN for all day coverage. As Robert Scheer wrote that it may be the Invisible Hand that controls the remote, but I've got my finger on the OFF button.

So, if that means more of Jim Lehrer on PBS, well, it's got better NEWS, debates and commentary and comes with the most "entertaining" Shield's & Brooks on Friday's. CNN: Yer old history.

Karen on 03.14.05 @ 03:01 PM CST

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