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03/10/2005: Memphis News: The week in review

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3/4: The Senate race in TN is on!!! Ed Bryant is already challenging presumptive Democratic nominee Harold Ford, Jr., on his position on capital punishment.

Meanwhile, on the Ford Family Front, Harold's Uncle John is still facing his legal problems. Last we examined this story, Ford's Juvenile Court files had been subpoenaed by a state legislative committee. Now, they've been subpoenaed again, this time by a Federal grand jury which is investigating his connections to a consultant for TennCare. Ford's attorney, meanwhile, contends that his client is clean and will be exonerated. Meanwhile, later in the week the Tennessee Senate Ethics Committee found probable cause to believe that Senator Ford had improperly failed to disclose over $48,000 of consulting income in violation of the Senate's ethics rules.

Meanwhile, Memphis is playing host to President George W. Bush on Friday. Bush's visit will be to shill for his Social Security "reform" package; meanwhile Memphians who are interested in seeing the President are finding few answers to their questions on how to procure tickets. By Wednesday, however, reports were that tickets were finally being distributed, though it appears that only about 2,000 people will get to see the President.

3/8: Officials at the FedEx Forum didn't think that bagging a U2 concert for their venue was highly likely, but they were extremely disappointed to learn that heavy metal band Motley Crue opted to play at the DeSoto Civic Center in Southhaven, MS instead of the Forum. Critics of the FedEx Forum's "no-compete" provision, which gives the Forum the right to veto potential events at the Pyramid and the Mid-South Colliseum, blame the clause for the fact that the Forum has failed to book a number of acts that might be expected to play there.

3/9: Mayor Herenton is not giving up on his consolidation dreams, which he views as critical to achieving the goal of managing the city's budget crisis. Herenton also reiterated his willingness to resign to achieve that goal.

3/10: Meanwhile, a sham "training class" conducted by the U.S. Marshal's Service managed to bag a dozen deputy Shelby County jailers suspected of smuggling drugs into the Shelby County jail.

Len on 03.10.05 @ 09:35 PM CST

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