Dark Bilious Vapors

But how could I deny that I possess these hands and this body, and withal escape being classed with persons in a state of insanity, whose brains are so disordered and clouded by dark bilious vapors....
--Rene Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy: Meditation I

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12/31/2005: Year in Review (Meme)

On an inspirational idea from Dr. Abby’s blog - Here is an *Almost Year-in-Review* (since I officially missed the 1st of the year before I became a blogger) using this model:

”It suggests taking your first post from each month of the year, then taking the last section of it and posting it all in a single list…”

So, in a slightly altered form, here is my Year-In-Review List for 2005:
1) Jan: I’ve found a blog voice:

After a serendipitous meeting, some “dead ivy” conversations, and getting an invite to have an Internet Blog Voice…I’m joining Len & Brock here at DBV.
So, I hope you like my commentary and thanks to Len & Brock: This will be the start of a beautiful friendship. Blogs....away!!

2) Feb: Responsilbility Month

This being February 1st and all...its the end of my month long "Responsibility Experiment" that had been going on at my house since my New Year's resolution letter had been printed in the Chicago Tribune on January 1, 2005.

The final message is that we are a family and we are all in this together and can work and help each other to maintain our lifestyle better than if we all just go it alone. Thanks for the calls and e-mails of encouragement and support from many moms (and even a dad too) who know exactly what I am up against.

3) March: Racist Vixen Vipers

Seems I've been way too kind to the Vixen of Vipertude in only complaining about her obnoxiousness and dyspeptic behavior...appears the Vixen is a racist snake in the grass to boot.

4) April: In Other Local News...

Now here's PROOF that there IS other NEWS happening in the world and locally which is worth reporting on. Even in our own Dennis Hastert Corner (DHC) strange tales abound:

Witchcraft, coercion alleged in lawsuit by Tona Kunz (Daily Herald) tells it all.
Well, don't say I never told ya it wasn't WEIRD living here in DHC. And it's NOT an April Fool"s Joke either. LOL

5) May: Orbits...

David Brooks has an interesting muse in today NY Times Op-ed pages: Let’s Make A Deal talking about Bill Frist and the “Nuclear Option” to destroy the Senate fillibuster.

And this list goes on…These folks are NOT about “The People’s Business” as expressed by the Majority of Americans -- but their own personal, private agendas and missions.

"Is this what you (WE) want on your (OUR) orbit?"

6) June: More Male Modeling...

The Urge to Win by John Tierney (NY Times) is an interesting follow-up on one aspect of the men’s/women’s issues and debate.

7) July: More Colorado Reunion in Winter Park

More McLauchlan Family Reunion with a couple last photos of the Bee-A-You-Ti-Full Colorado Mountains.

8) August: Willfully Wasting Wifi??

Now here is one that I can really see eye to eye with on a purely intellectual level about whether - by allowing your home Wifi to be broadcast unencrypted into the public realm or street, you ought to be “allowed” to then make a claim against anyone who might be tempted to use IT -- OR this claim that You simply Can't Steal Wifi.

9) Sept: Let the Recriminations Begin...

Government is to blame for the chaos: New Orleans damage, looting might have been less severe if there were better disaster planning, by James Pinkerton (Newsday)

If homeland security is to have any meaning, it should focus on all threats to the home front. This week, the homeland securitizers failed, big-time."

10) Oct: 'There's No Place Like Home...'

"...There's no place like home..."

Back from the "Big Apple" and hope to soon have some FAB pictures of the day trip to the Mohonk resort (Up State NY); the views from the Empire State Building; China Town and our Ground Zero visit.

11) Nov: Winning Web Designs...

This was from a while back over at Discourse.net, but caught my attention as a funnie about Webpage designing. These are things that designers fail to include in the Webpage making them *poor* quality (at least according to that author. *wink*)

And tho', as an all purpose Techno-Dweeb with minimal HTML skills, I have Absolutely NOTHING to do with how our Webpage looks or functions. (Len RULES!!!)

My only job is to add posts and keep ya'all suitably entertained around here!!! (*smile*) But I thought you might find this *amusing* any-ole-way. So, How does YOUR Webpage stack-up? Hmmmm...? ;-)

12) Dec: Here is What I REALLY Needed to Know...

The tall and the short of why caffeine works…. :-)


Karen on 12.31.05 @ 06:52 AM CST

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