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04/26/2005: Nimby's...

Speaking of Spring Bees and Nimby's...

We were...weren't we???

Any way, the news here at Dennis Hastert Corner that has everyone's undies in a bunch (You KNEW I was gonna work that cliche in here...given my previous piece...LOL) is the issue about the re-location of the Adult Correction Facility (Jail) to be located at the Kane County Judicial Center at Peck Rd. and Route 38.

This not some figurative Nimby (Not In My Back Yard) issue, but a Literal Nimby in that I live about a good Par-5 away from the Kane County Government Center and "proposed" site for this facility re-location. It IS my backyard.

I wrote this "letters to the editor" column as the FFMA President

I’ve been reading the many articles and commentaries about the proposed Jail and I'd like to make a few comments.

Issues have been raised about this proposed Jail and site selection as well as the financing and overall plans and costs. My position is to try, as the FF Board President, to find out as much of these issues on both sides. To get as much correct, accurate information as possible to disseminate to the neighbor and community residents on this subject. But, to do this process in as cooperative and “working together” manner as possible.

Our Board has been requested by the Kane County Board to select one of the 12 Citizen committee members for the Citizen Advisory Committee which will begin meeting in early May to provide input and ask questions for the purpose of addressing concerns and planning of the facility. On the opposite side, I’ve spoken to the many neighbors and the group organized with opposition/concerns about these plans. I am trying to get the issues and information from both side to distill the points and accuracy of concerns about how to view this project and answer these questions.

Our Fisher Farms Master Association has chosen our Citizen Member for the 12 person Citizen Advisory Committee: Sam Parma (Neighborhood 7 Board of Directors Member).

Here is a brief bio on Sam and what he can bring to the committee as an informed citizen of our neighborhood:

•State certified Deputy Sheriff and Correctional Officer

Spent over 4 years working for the Cook County Sheriffs Department including rotations at Cook County Jail and the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center

•State Certified Police Officer - Over 12 years experience

•Currently assigned as a Patrol Sergeant in charge of the Juvenile Division and Community


•Graduate of Northwestern University's School of Police Staff and Command

•Bachelor Degree in Management

•Currently composing a Masters thesis on Police Deviance

“I feel that having over 16 years of law enforcement experience in numerous areas of responsibility as well as a specific history in County Corrections, provides me the unique opportunity to participate on this committee at a level of understanding much higher than that of a non-law enforcement citizen. Further, being in a command position, forces me to look at all sides to an issue without prejudice. This will allow me to stay objective and truly act on behalf of all the residents of Fisher Farms.” -- Sam Parma

Some have written pithy pieces for or against issues in this matter or the neighbors and about people on one side of this or the other. But, it is my feeling that there are valid questions and concerns, issues to be answered for the benefit of not only the Fisher Farms residents, but the entire Geneva and St. Charles communities and the Kane County residents as well. It would do everyone a service to have these questions about the safety, financing, building plans, site locations, future development issues, facility usage, and plans for the old jail to be answered and discussed in the public forum. And those asking the “right” questions ought not be denigrated or demeaned as we go together through this process.

But one of the concerns is that even if they did in fact plan this originally as part of the Government Center Site-- with an Adult Correction facility -- they have now allowed a "changed character of the neighborhood" by re-locating it at this time so close to a school, single family homes, a shopping complex, soccer fields, a Prairie Park outdoor preserve.

There is a case in Wilsonville, Oregon which sucessfully stopped a proposed Jail facility on that basis. I'm going to be looking into this and some other issues in my position to provide information to the community and residents of our neighborhood...

But if any of you "legally oriented" readers have any similar case law you can point me to on this topic...I'll take all the useful information I can get.

Karen on 04.26.05 @ 02:14 PM CST

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