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05/07/2005: Sports Flame outs...

I’ve often heard about soccer game violence and out of control trampling deaths in other countries where “sports passions” run high and temperatures flare – but this is becoming a first where Flares are flaring – and fireworks are ignited -- and being thrown at Soccer players: Another Flare incident in Euro Soccer. What outrageous soccer violence which ought to be stopped and PRONTO!

Parma goalkeeper Luca Bucci was forced to leave his team's UEFA Cup semifinal match against CSKA Moscow after a firecracker exploded near his head Thursday.

Celebrating fans threw the object onto the field shortly after CSKA took a 1-0 lead in the 10th minute of the match. Bucci was replaced by Sebastien Frey nine minutes later.

CSKA scored twice more and won 3-0 to advance to its first European final, which will be played May 18 in Lisbon, Portugal.

"It's unfair but it's happened in many stadiums. It's a pity that it happened here and I hope it will the first and the last time," CSKA coach Valery Gazaiyev said.

Last month, a Champions League quarterfinal match between city rivals Inter Milan and AC Milan was stopped early because Milan goalkeeper Dida was injured when a flare thrown from the crowd hit him on the shoulder.”

Maybe sports centers should become as security conscious and frisk fan attendees for these incendiary devices as has become the "neccessary evil" of the airport screening process -- a Sad, but necessary fact of life in a world of IDIOT FANS. Shameful practices by moronic, ignorant fans that must be stopped immediately.

Karen on 05.07.05 @ 09:17 AM CST

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