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04/22/2005: More Rules of the Road safety...

I’m not sure about this one: Has yet to be “tested” in the real world of my own Teenie-Bot Driver…but I’ll throw it out there anyway:

”Surprising new facts clear up some common myths that parents may have about their teen drivers. The Carfax Safe Teen Drivers Program challenges parents to a "pop quiz."

True or False? You do not have much influence on your teen's driving behavior.

False! According to a recent study by Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, you may have a big impact - nearly 60 percent of high school students say their parents are the biggest influence on their driving.

Action Item. Be a good role model. Your kids learn from watching you, so make sure you buckle up and slow down.

True or False? If your teen takes a driver's education course, your teen will be a safe driver.

False! According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, high school driver's education can do a good job teaching basic driving skills, but there is no evidence that it reduces crashes. Research shows no difference in the crash risk for teens that took driver ed compared with those who did not.

Action Item. Spend time with your teen behind the wheel and continue to coach them even after your teen has a full license.

True or False? As long as your teen uses a hands-free device for their cell phone, they're safe.

False! The National Safety Council found that those engaged in cell phone conversations missed twice as many simulated traffic signals and took longer to react. Researchers believe that hands- free cell phones may cause a greater risk by encouraging people to spend more time talking.

Action Item. Encourage your teen driver to pull off the road in a safe area if they must make a call, or activate the cell phone's voice mail system so that it picks up calls while driving.

"Like with any learned behavior, safe driving takes time, patience and practice" said Marianne Correa, director of the Carfax Safe Teen Drivers Program, "You can help your teen by spending more time coaching them behind the wheel even after they obtain a full license."

For more information on this topic and other safe driving information, parents and teens can visit the Carfax Safe Teen Drivers Program at www.carfax.com/teen.

The CARFAX Safe Teen Driver Program provides key information to parents and teens on safe driving tools and techniques. Based in Fairfax, Virginia, CARFAX has been providing the truth about used cars since 1984 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of R.L. Polk & Company.”

Courtesy of US News Wire.

Karen on 04.22.05 @ 04:32 AM CST

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