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04/09/2005: Hilarious and understated...David Brooks

David Brooks...Reining in the G.O.P.'s Parade speaks about his notions that:

"The Republican Party is running into a problem: the conservatism of the American people Over the past decade, the Republicans have set themselves up as the transformational party. That's fine for a party with big ideals. [Emphasis mine]

But the American people, who can be quite bold when it comes to transforming their personal lives, tend to be temperamentally conservative and cautious when it comes to government. They have a taste for order and a distrust of those who want too much change on too many fronts too quickly.

It's become increasingly clear that the Republicans are bumping into some limits...."


How about stomping "GOD-zilla" like all over those Limits, Constitutionality's and Provenance's of "Separation of Powers." (An unheard of Concept for some GOPers to wrap their minds around given their own imaginary "GOD-zilla" powers.)

David then proceeds to underplay and understate his way into discussions on:

The Terri Schiavo matter: As a misunderstanding of "decisions should be made at the local level, where people understand the texture of the case."

And he delivers this prime reckless disregard for facts of the matter: "Even many evangelicals, who otherwise embrace the culture of life, grow queasy when politicians in Washington start imposing solutions from a far, based on abstract principles rather than concrete particulars."

David...You mean those abstracts like The Laws of the State of Florida??? The Rule Of Law as applied to the Three Branches of Government??? The very "abstract" and "confusing" Separation of Powers"??? Which of these IDEAS isn't Concrete enough for YOU, David Brooks???

Ambling onto the Presidential Lola-Pol-Luser Tour on Social Security: David meekly acts surprised at the "tepid public support" for the "Republicans set[ting] forth with a plan to give people some control over their own retirement accounts."

Hilarious...Especially as Bush is traveling the country basically touting the abject Failure of the Full Faith and Credit of the Government of United States of America as the reason the Soc. Sec. program is holding all that "Worthless Paper Notes and Securities" as promises of the U.S. to pay in the future. And there isn't a whiff of public support being "tepid" or otherwise from anyone except those sychophants of the GOP allowed to attend these propaganda tours.

David has the temerity to call this opposition to the Wonderful Republican Soc. Sec. Plan a problem because..."Being conservative, many Americans are suspicious of bold government initiatives, especially ones that seem complicated and involve borrowing. Being conservative, they prefer the old and familiar over the new and untried."

More Rollicking Hilarity. Let's see, David, we've tried the GOP strategy of Borrow More, Spend More, Tax Even Less, Borrow More, Spend More, Reduce More Tax Revenues, and Borrow Yet More...But the fact that so many Americans (Conservative and otherwise) are cottoning on to the effects of these BOLD GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES to bankrupt the U.S. and leave a staggering amount of Debts to be paid by future generations...you, David, see it a mere opposition to the that same ole' same ole' in these Unprecedented and Huge Federal DEFICITS EVER...Hilarious.

Finally, about Tom Delay: David writes:
"Conversations with House Republicans in the past week leave me with one clear impression: If DeLay falls, it will not be because he took questionable trips or put family members on the payroll. It will be because he is anxiety-producing and may become a political liability.

Being conservative, the American people don't want leaders who perpetually play it close to the ethical edge. They don't want leaders who, under threat, lash out wildly at beloved institutions like the judiciary. They don't want leaders whose instinct is always to go out wildly on the attack. They don't want leaders so reckless that even when they know they are living under a microscope, they continue to act in ways that invite controversy."

Yep, David, why you must be Correct. It's not the scum-bag ethical deviations at the bottom of the "Delay Troubles" but those Conservative Foibles and Vacillations over How the Appearance of Tom's overt Politically Motivated actions to divert attention from his extreme Ethical Violations and Controversies which will be his ultimate downfall. Hilarious again.

Thanks for the LAUGH, David...I need it!! LOL

Karen on 04.09.05 @ 11:14 AM CST

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