Dark Bilious Vapors

But how could I deny that I possess these hands and this body, and withal escape being classed with persons in a state of insanity, whose brains are so disordered and clouded by dark bilious vapors....
--Rene Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy: Meditation I

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01/12/2006: Oh, gawd, he's one of them....

"them" meaning: one of those insufferable law nerds that knew he was destined for greatness early on.

Via Attytood, we learn that, according to the 1972 Princeton yearbook, Samuel Alito had grand ambitions way back when:

Sam intends to go to law school and eventually to warm a seat on the Supreme Court.

Don'tcha just get a warm feeling all over (ok, don'tcha get a warm feeling somewhere north of your anal sphincter) when someone achieves their boyhood ambitions? [For me, cynic that I am, it raises the question of whether any of Alito's Yale Law School classmates ever said "Bingo!" when Alito was called on in class... Explanation below the fold for you non-lawyers.]

Image from the AP via Wikipedia

From the link in that parenthetical:
An admission follows: Bingo is ubiquitous. "In my law school, games of Bingo were sometimes played - with the squares representing the students who spoke up in class...."
Of course, you can fill in the blanks: as each student on the card is called on, you cover up the square on your card with her/his name on it. When you get five in a row, you call out "Bingo!"--not loud enough to be truly disruptive, but loud enough so that everyone in the class can hear it. Timed correctly (the call of "Bingo!" has to come after the student is called, but before s/he starts talking, obviously), this can dissolve a classroom in helpless laughter for several minutes, though the comedic effect depends greatly on how roundly the student who provokes the "Bingo!" call is detested by his/her classmates. Needless to say, the longer and louder your classmates laugh, the less you're loved.

That this game is referred to in some law schools as "asshole bingo" says just about all you need to know.

But then again, if your ass ends up warming a seat on the Supreme Court, you have the last laugh, and your classmates are reduced to telling everyone they knew you before your apotheosis....

Len on 01.12.06 @ 07:12 AM CST

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