Dark Bilious Vapors

But how could I deny that I possess these hands and this body, and withal escape being classed with persons in a state of insanity, whose brains are so disordered and clouded by dark bilious vapors....
--Rene Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy: Meditation I

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11/10/2005: Judy's Swan Song?

"...For weeks, she'd been in severance talks with the Times. And finally, yesterday, she and her employer of 28 years called it quits.

After all, how could she have remained at a newspaper where her boss, Executive Editor Bill Keller, seemed to have called her a liar and added the innuendo of the word "entanglement" to the lexicon of reporter-source relations? Where she's been vilified in print as a "Woman of Mass Destruction"? Where a lot of people think she used her journalism to help the Bush administration's case for war? Where colleagues were outraged to hear accusations that she abused her embedded status with an Army unit searching for those fabled weapons of mass destruction?

Well, Miller had -- before her resignation -- some pointed, mocking words for her many critics.

"I am so powerful and influential that I take over Army divisions? I run the New York Times newsroom single-handedly? And now I take the country to war? Wow! That must be one heck of a reporter. I've heard of pushy broads, but this brings the pushy broad to a new level."

-- Lynne Duke (Washington Post).

Well, not exactly "single-handedly", Judy - We KNOW you had Bush administration HELPERs amd ENABLERs.

And if that statement needs qualifiers to be more accurate in laying out your role in these things - So be it.

But just as point of order -- The one who really ought to be taking "Notes" on how to deal with Lying Employees who wield such "power and influence that they can take over Army [and intelligence] divisions; Run New York Times Reporters single-handedly with bogus "leaked" information; And take the country to war based on those improper leaks and distorted information" is the Child-In-Chief.

Ole CIC needs to FIRE Blooming-Shit-Head as the Lying, Disloyal, Leaker of Classified Information employee he clearly had been exposed to be. Loyalty to those Disloyal to the United States is NO Loyalty at all.

This is about an Abuse of Power in the very highest offices of the White House which this So-Called Leader can no longer Pretend is something so ethereal and sketchy as to facts and circumstances that he just can't wrap his mind around the mutitudes of possible "Anonymous Senior Adminstration Officials" floating around the Oval Office which he once quipped We'd Probably never find out WHO it was - since reporters are so good at hiding their sources.


Nobody but Brain-dead, GOP sychophants buy this "explanation" for keeping Blooming-Shit-Head on the payroll. (Or keeping Good Ole "Brownie" as a *consultant* to FEMA on the Federal Dole either.) And CIC's recent Poll numbers with exceptionally low marks for honesty and integrity and ethics bear this out. People just don't BELIEVE the President, OR Rove.

Time to FIRE Karl Rove and move on to the next next evil, cronyistic bureacrat CIC can manage to pull out of the Texas-based woodwork to foist upon the nation.

Bring it On...Hahahahaha!!!

Karen on 11.10.05 @ 04:33 AM CST

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