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01/25/2005: WHAT is going on in Charlotte??

Just came across this "doozie" and have to ask...What is going in Charlotte?

The Charlotte City Council will hear from Christians today (Jan. 24) expressing their outrage at events that took place in Marshall Park on May 1, 2004. The City of Charlotte granted a permit to the "Pride Festival" for the express purpose of celebrating sodomy among "gay, lesbian, transgendered, and bisexual persons." This right next door to the First Baptist Church in downtown Charlotte, and in a public park no less.

The "celebration" included open displays of obscenity with dozens of photos of males displaying full frontal nudity and worse! It included vendor booths selling S&M merchandise, a sound stage with transvestite dancers simulating sodomy in front of children. Foul, vile, and threatening comments were made toward children by homosexuals during the comedic routines from the sound stage. Hundreds of children of all ages were in the park. Many parents were taken completely unaware by what city fathers had allowed into the park.

A spokesperson said, "For eight months concerned Christian parents have attempted to bring this information to the District Attorney, the Charlotte Police Department, and the City Council -- only to be stonewalled at every turn. We have asked for the prosecution of these lawbreakers. We have asked the city not to reissue a permit to 'Pride Festival.' We have asked the police department to reprimand the officers who policed the event and turned a blind eye. Many of those on duty appeared to be homosexual themselves, wearing rainbow pins, etc. Seventeen eyewitness testimonies and irrefutable photographic evidence were provided to the Charlotte City Council in November.

"In a memo from Chief Darrel Stephens, he equated the homosexual 'celebration' to what transpires in adult establishments in the city. Someone needs to remind Chief Stephens that local Statute Section 12.518 restricts adult entertainment establishments from being within 1,000 feet of any park, let alone being held within a park," the spokesperson said.

Well, I'm not sure who thought this was good idea...I'm also not so sure it advances the "cause" for the gay community.

Karen on 01.25.05 @ 06:15 AM CST

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